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Tizita Be email March 24, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in My Friends.

Sira Sifeta, I love going through my old emails from friends. It’s a chance to look back and get  some inspiration ,memories and smiles at times.  Here, I will  share some of the mails I recieved from friends. No editing except names. The following is from a very good friend sent in 2004. Enjoy  !

Hi Happy New Year to you….hope you enjoyed it even if u have
ur own calendar..anyway…how r you doing right there in Uganda…..Right now am in  Nairobi Kenya..i”ve made it finally..am here since friday last and things is going on pretty well here with a good furnish apartments and the weird
thing is that they gave me a huge radio cd player to add flavour to life…olala  just imagine that…thanks God for this and …anyway i’ve started work yesterday ..and things a going on smoothly ..yoou
remeber Celia and Peter ..they are here along with me and we stay in the same
flat compound…Celia says hi to you and complain that she sent you a mail
but you never reply back………..
So how’s your job there….is it your first time staying alone in a foreign country……?not feeling homesick…..anything of that sort …hope not….even if the dust is killing you…just think about the good
thing and forget the remain or put some music loud loud and loud and had some wine with coke…..you’ll see that’s life is bautiful wherevere you are …believe..or otherwise go for some good joints(weed) I’ve heard they
are good there….lol but don’t go paranoia…..advice from a friend….
So just squeeze the day over there
C ya
Take Care

Okey another one, The following is from another friend who loves to joke about my Conflict Studies ,Here we go:
I think the Romans are going to charge you extra for electricity…bewnet…Good to see that you have the decipiline…
But i am still trying to figure out excatly how you can write a 60 page doc about conflict…
Then I said to him, i am tired of this, and he said why are you tired, this has been this way for many many years ( smoke break)…what? what do you mean it has been going on for years and i am tired of it….( talk about the smallness of my classmate’s appartment)….that’s it I am leaving…

Double space it and there is the summary of your 60 page doc…ahahaha

BTW, when you get back to Ethiopia, what will you be? Like a judge?

All rise! The honerable Nigist has just entered the chamber and will resume her conflict resolution process…


Give me my money, now!…No, I am not going to, you still owe me for the shirt i bought you…what?…let’s go to Nigist and resolve our conflict


On a late night TV commerical you would come on and say…”Are you unable to resolve your problems. The law firm of 35-pound-colon will see to it that you no longer suffer from it. Our counselor is trained at the University of Peace in Suicide colon, KOOSTARIKA and will know how to handle you matter no matter what!”

Okey ,talk to you later
  …lol…As you can see I put up with a lot…lol..But still, I love my friends!!!

Share if you have interesting mails



1. Dr. Ethiopia - May 25, 2008

Unique Post. Enjoyed it. Not to mention smart friends.

2. habeshaviews - May 25, 2008

Yeah , been blessed with some great friends.

tnx for visiting & Come again pls

3. Tizita be email III « Habeshaviews’s Weblog - August 25, 2008

[…] Tizita be email III August 25, 2008 Posted by habeshaviews in Ethiopia, My Friends, My life. trackback We all have heared how things are getting expensive in Addis. This exhange with a close friend says it all. I wrote what follows a couple of weeks ago (names edited , of course) Hey,   Great.. I am glad that at least one of my suggessions made it to the list. Guess wht?  …. wrote me saying congrats on the graduation.    Otherwise, thanks for sending the attachment. Will let you know if sth new comes up. There are a lot of stories I need to  tell you when I get back: starting from my last evening in Addis.   Save your money for Quanta firfir and a bottle of red wine   Hugs and love                          The following is the email I got a few weeks later Hi, Please do not raise your expectaions about saving money for quanta firfiir and red wine! I can asssure you that in today’s Ethiopia red wine sounds like red terror hence I advise to bring it with you before you leave the duty free shop. I do not know what to say about the quantta but if possible there may be quanta from the USA that your beloved mother would have sent earlier. I hope this is nice yep! We will discuss ….as the moment comes.   Read part I  part II  of this entry here […]

4. mm - August 30, 2008

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