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A tale of Two Sexs April 1, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in What's on the News?.

Okey , Last I checked it was the twenty first century and to be exact it is 2008.  Its a time where issues of race and gender are supposed to be overcame. But it doesn’t appear so. People,including highly educated ones, still try to explain things biologically. You know, like there is a chromosome that makes blacks less intelligent or a gene that makes women more emotional and vulnerable.

Well, lol, and get a grip ! Go and watch G.I Jane ….

Jokes aside, I think one of the greatest lessons learned from the 20th century is the danger of trying to explain things from an essentialist perspective. The problem is when you make it biological nothing is prone to change.Women will remain as cooks and Blacks will remain as slaves and whites as Masters.

Okey,What is this about?

Its about a comment made by one of my highly ”experianced” and highly ”trained” Professors who allegedly said that women shouldn’t be part of a military force because they can not grow muscles ,might get pregnant,might be raped and distract male soldiers.

It reminds me of the remarks by James Watson,the Nobel Prize winner ,who stated blacks have lesser intellegence.Yeah ,You can still be stupid and win the nobel Prize.


Again lol, get a grip and go watch Roots!

A woman, a man ,black , white , indian and Chinese or anyone ..should be allowed to have the choice to participate in anything they want. Decisions to do so should not be based on biological characteristics.  

Going further on this point, there is no such thing as lesser discriminatory view. A comment made about women should also be looked at from the race perspective.It is more likely for a person with discriminatory view of one to have a similar perspective on another. What should be taken into account is the centrality(the line) of the thinking.

If you think you belong to this century, act like it. Have Zero tolerance to discrimination and prejudice.



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