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Its not all about Size April 25, 2008

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They say its all about size ,right?  Well, I don’t think so. Oh oh ..don’t get me wrong, I am referring to a totally different issue- a mosquito. I mean,think of it, how come something as tiny as a mosquito can knock down a whole person and cause a global health threat?

A disease you might get from a simple bite of a mosquito causes death. In fact,each year it accounts over a million deaths. There are also 3 billion people who currently live under the threat of malaria.


Over 3 billion people under threat?…Least you can do is be(look) curious !!!

Of course, Malaria is a disease of poverty. Translation?  it’s caused and aggravated by inadequate socio-economic and environmental conditions. It also increases the level of poverty by incapacitating people from working.

Africa is one of the continents highly affected by the malaria pandemic. Poverty, lack of awarness,disease resistance to medications,lack of focus on research in vaccination and a million other issues that are ignored by policy makers still maintains this little mini tiny thing in power. Goal 6 of the over ambitious UN Millennium Development Goals specifically mentions malaria

”Halt and begin to reverse the incidence of malaria and other major diseases ”

Eight years down the line,  we still talk of  millions of deathes. Today, April 25th, is being commemorated as World malaria day. Beating malaria can start form you.

The least you can do is be curious about it. One of the million lessons we can learn from this disease is that IMPACT IS REALLY NOT ABOUT SIZE !





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