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Stressed out May 30, 2008

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Well , never been good in handling stress. All messy as I am trying to finish up things on time. I don’t like how to do tips ,books ,shows or anything that has to do with instructions. Partly, because I don’t think there is a recipe to life , stress being part of it.This time I had to check some sites for tips on how to avoid stress. The following are recommended by the American Psychological Association;

> Understand how you experience stress,

> Identify your sources of stress

> Learn your own stress signals

> Recognize how you deal with stress

> Reach out for support

I might add one for myself ,get back to work!

If you buy these things here is a link on

Annoying but Funny… May 28, 2008

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 >  How all my Habesha friends keep saying Puerto Rico after I told them 10,000 times that I am in Costa Rica.

>  How I now don’t even try to explain to my friends where Cost Rica is located. Even when they keep on sending me emails that say ” How are you holding up there in South America?”

 >  How my travel agent tried to book me a flight to San Jose ,California when I specifically and repeatedly asked a ticket for San Jose, Costa Rica.

 > How my American friend said ”Is that like Korean or sth?” when I told him we speak Amharic in Ethiopia.



 >  How people in Costa Rica first ask about Animals, especially elephants,when you tell them you are from Africa.

 >  How people in Costa Rica see my passport and always say ”you are the first person I’ve met from this country”.

>  How a 7th grader asked me if people in Africa use elephants as a transport. Sounds a cliche but when you are on the spot it’s really funny.

>  How a french colleague said ”It looks so boring” after I sent him a link to an Ethiopian traditional(Eskista) dance.

 >  How an Icelandic friend couldn’t believe I, (a black person), can get suntanned even while looking at my zebra coloured face.

> How it’s normal in Costa Rica to address people with their skin colour or facial features. Like in the super market people would respectfully say ”Gracias negra (black), morena(burnette) or Chinita(chinese)”

>How my mom always asks ” Are you having a proper meal?”  and says ” that is not food ”  when I tell her I am enjoying rice.                        

Did you know that….? Part I May 26, 2008

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One of the things that has always been of interest to me is the mass movement of people, migration. Especially, that of Ethiopians and that involves crossing of borders. It has never been clear to me why exactly people move out. I can not call it economy because I know a lot of people who wouldn’t blink when asked to pay US $15,000 to come to the US.

I can not really say it’s politics because a lot of the people I know who are migrating(ed) don’t even give a *hit about that. I finally gave up on speculation and started working on a research on the topic. A blogger I shared this interest with basically told me to get a life. He was not the first person to do so, of course!. I can live with one more habesha negativity as well.

Regardless, I am pursing this research and will share some facts I come across under a series of posts entitled  ”Did you know that …?”. Entonces, here we go

Did you know that :

> ”If the descendants of Ethiopian-born migrants (the second generation and up) are included, the estimates of Ethiopian origon population range upwards of 460,000 in the United States (of which approximately 350,000 are in Washington, DC; 96,000 in Los Angeles; and 10,000 in New York).

> There are 90,000 descendants of Ethiopian-born migrants in Saudi Arabia; 30,000 in Italy, and 30,000 in Lebanon. In 2005, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics reported that the Ethiopian-origin population was 105,500”.




>US immigration statistics show that for the decade 1951 to 1960, only 61 Ethiopians were granted asylum in the United States. The next decade, 1961 to 1970, only two were granted asylum — most likely the Ethiopian ambassador to the United States, Dinké Berhanou, and his wife, who requested asylum in 1965.

>In 1981, the Mengistu regime outlawed departure from Ethiopia without government approval. Anyone who fled was labeled a traitor “against the country and the people,” and could receive a punishment of five to 25 years in prison, or, in extreme cases, life imprisonment or execution.

Sources for today here.