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How Much Should You Weigh? May 1, 2008

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The first time I ever seriously thought about my body was during one of my courses on health when I was asked to write a short essay on how I feel about my body.  Of course, before that every now and then I looked at my body in the mirror thinking about loosing or gaining weight. But I have never been into dieting or exercising. Partly,because I just don’t like restricting or committing myself into some things.


I know a lot of women, my own friends, who are dis-satisfied with their bodies. They are thin but they want to get skinnier. They are chocolate colored but they want to get lighter.


These dis-satisfactions are originating form the globalized images of what a woman’s body should be. In trying to meet this constant pressure many women torture their bodies through extreme dieting and exercising. My closest friend ate boiled cabbage for months and she was only weighing 52kgs. I can’t imagine myself doing that. I mean, it’s like eating grass.


Similarly, thousands of young and adult women currently under go plastic surgeries, dieting and extreme eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia. Until recently it was the white and the upper class that has body image obsessions.Now, a growing number of women and young girls of other races are trying to meet an imaginary standard of beauty.


It reminds me of what Cyndi Crawford in an interview commented on her own picture .´´What people don’t realize is that I do not even look like the picture´´..or sth like that.



´´Despite its counterproductive nature “dieting” is seen as the cure for the “wrong” body. Roughly 70% of adolescent girls eat in unhealthy, restrictive ways for the purpose of controlling or losing weight.´´



Kids are ridiculed in school and are pressured to losing weight. A survey in 1996 indicated that of girls 9 and 10 years old, 40% have tried to lose weight in the United States.



Now you can imagine where the world is heading. As my grand ma would say ”Simintegnaw Shi”. No jokes!

I mean, when I was 9 nobody cared what their body weighed. Just eat whatever is given to you and play outside.

I know of a growing amount of concern for body image in Addis. Much of the pressure is on girls and women to have skinny bodies.  If you want to see this all you have to do is sit in one of those cafes. You will see very skinny girls holding hands with usually borcham or much skinnier guys. Gymnasiums are flourishing in all corners of Addis. It’s not something new to see or hear ads for weight loss products such as soaps, herbal products and various syrups with out medical subscriptions.


I always thought that I can stand the pressure that if I want to get weight, I should. If I want to loose it, I can. But every now and then I look at myself in the mirror when people tell me I am losing or gaining weight -the power of pressure!




1. abesheet - May 21, 2008

P.S. Who is the scary lady?

2. habeshaviews - May 21, 2008

..lol …She is one of the run way models in Paris. That would be a standared look. I once had a short discussion with Liya Kebede and couldn´t help noticing how skinny she was.
Origional pic appeard as part of a story on new french law on the same issue here:

3. Robby - October 16, 2008

To me that picture and all runway models are nasty looking to me.Wheres the beef? Runway models and television stars have destroyed an entire generation of women and there self esteem.

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