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THE CHOSEN ONES – Genesis,Ethiopian Version May 8, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in Culture, Ethiopia, My Days.

You know that Ethiopian obsession most of us have with in us? The excessive pride over our identity and the way we consider ourselves so unique that the rest of the world just doesn’t matter?

I was watching a documentary on peace negotiations and mediations with my classmates where a number of negotiators from different countries were featured. One of them was an Ethiopian, Birhanu Dinka ,the UN special Representative to Burundi in 2002. 

Unconsciously, I poked my European class mate and said  ”look ,that is an Ethiopian. She gave me that ‘ get over it ‘ look and continued watching the film. Now, there were many other people in my classroom who never said anything about their country representatives speaking on a documentary. What was wrong/right with me ?

It’s the uniqueness and pride thing again that was made to grow up with in me. You know the specific children stories on how we are the chosen ones and how Ethiopia is so green and blessed?



There is my favorite one about Genesis. I think it totally describes why and how most of us turned out the way we are. Here it goes;

” It was at the beginning of time when God mistakenly tought the world would be a better place with humans and decided to create one. He used a stove to do so. He mixed the flour and tried to figure out the amount of temperature needed for baking.  Of course, understandably so considering there were no baked/unbaked humans before that. He decided to put the stove in the lowest temperature possible just to be on the safe side. The product was a half cooked white person . Obviously, God was disappointed and decided to take it to the Northern Hemisphere. He put the person in cold Europe and started trying again. This time with the highest temperature seemed the logical thing to do. The Person that came out was again not to the satisfactions of God, was really dark coloured. He took it to the west of Africa and put it under the burning sun.

And then God decided to do it one last time. There was no way he would mess it up  this time. The person that came out was the perfect human being ; well-cooked with the perfect colour of not-so-black and not-so-white. God couldn’t be more thrilled so he put man in the most beautiful place on earth ,Ethiopia.”

Well that is Genesis,Ethiopian version!




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