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Clueless May 18, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in My Days.

These are times of uncertainities in my life. I always had plans. I knew what I would do the next year even before it begins. For a change this time I am cluless. And I hate it. I don´t even know what I would do next month.  When this happnes to me ,it just sucks the fun out of me. I even get tired of thinking. I just want to go to the end of the world ,forget  humanity and live like there is no tomorrow.No worries,No nothing. 

Yemigermew, every other thing in my life has to be a crossroad. I always have to stand in the middle trying to make a decision . As my friend used to say my mind works with a committee . I keep on analyzing things so much. Usually , at the end I end up picking one. Not that  Its a better option, just because something has pushed me to do so. I just sit there wishing that all will be gone and I will wake up after its all over.

I think its just one of those things that I just can´t learn how to do. Like playing kirar,which I tried several times.

Mean while,I am once again stranded at the crossroad trying to decide which way to go.



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