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Egna Bet May 18, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in My life.

I grew up in a big family. Seven brothers and sisters  with cousins around every other day. Many can only gasp when they hear that. They think its just too gross to have a big family.I ,on the other hand, enjoyed every minute of it. What I enjoy the most is the diffrences between us and the affection we have for one another. We would have made the funniest sit com ever. But not in a brady bunch kind of way. It starts from my parents. My mom is very religous while my dad is the most liberal persona I know. Yours truly, is the nerd in the family. I always had some sort of book in my hands,don´t talk much and get angry faster than the speed of light. My immediate younger brother ,Ermi, is the  comedian. Every other thing he says is funny. He enjoys outings and is always picking on us or one of the cousins. Once we had one of our closest friend´s wedding. The guy is just too much into himself. When Ermi was told about the wedding he said ´´Does the girl know she will marry him,lemehonu?´´




In fact, almost everyone  in the family has a good sense of houmor. In the evenings we used to get together in the house. If you had  heared a new joke during the day you would shout out´´new joke ,new joke´´. Everyone would keep quite to listen. If the person tells a story we already know ,everybody pretends like that they are interested until the story ends.When it does we all say ´´Weyyy, Semtenewal´´…lol. I always found that moment funny. Especially, when the person with the story tries to figure out if we are fake listening or not. They would stop the story and say ´´Benatachu semtachutal´´….lol

My big brother ,Joe, is the sweetest person. Quite but out going ,kind and funny . Doesn´t get angry at all and will do anything for you if you think it would help ease your problems. When I am short of money(that I am always) he would say ´´I have this much just take it ´´. One thing about Joe is he doesn´t have any yilugnta what so ever. There is nothing he would do just to please others.

I have another big sister who is really caring ,up front and says the final word on almost all matters. If she says it, you just have to accept and move on…lol.

Selam ,the youngest of the sisters,is the brain in the family and goes to Med school. She is so much in to her studies. Growing up she always had to be the first student in the school compound. I am talking here as early as 7 in the morning. She is also the nechnacha in the family always crying over something. She always had to fight with her immediate older sister,Wube. Something as silly as help me take of my braids can start a fight with them. First she had to cry to make her do the braids and after a few days she would come back crying again´´ You are the one who braided it so take it off´´:)

Wube is the designer in the family. She is the one who monitored how and what we dressed and also provided free manicure services over the weekends. I remember when we were back from school on fridays the first things she would say was ´´What am I gonna wear on monday?´´ She just loves looking good and always had to take something from my big Sis´s closet and put it back before she noticed it was gone.

Robbel,the 7th born in the family, is momy´s dream boy. He just have this really special closeness with Mom. She always says if she could she would have two or three more sons like him. He is a regualr church goer ,very matured for his age and cooks like hell.

The youngest of all,Eyob, is the funniest. I just adore him. Such a mature sense of humour and yet has this childhood flavour and questions things a lot. A cousin once asked ´´Will he be going to the same KG with kids´´

We laugh, we quarrel, spend good/ bad times together,love and care for each other-isn´t that what family is for?





1. tsepeace - May 20, 2008

cool blog you got here…the big family sounds like fun…
also, very cool that you’re in costarica… any more articles you feel inspired to blog about it, i’d luv to read!
cheers from across the blogosphere,
tpeace from senduq

2. habeshaviews - May 21, 2008

Hey tpeace..

Thansks for dropping by. I will keep on posting new stuff as much as possible. Yeah CR is a cool place to be. In fact,next article will be about it.

Keep checking out ,mi blog es su blog:)

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