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Ye Troy Feres ( The Trojan Horse) May 23, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in Art Reviews.

Ye troy feres or in it´s literal English translation ´the trojan horse ´ by Asamnew Barega is another impressive Amharic short story book I have had the chance to read. Sadly, I can only say that about very few Amharic short story books. Especially, the contemporary ones.Usually, what they do is try to make up some sort of surprise plotting for  each of their stories in a cheap holy wood movie kind of way.

What I find different in the troy feres is : It´s simplicity in style ,the writer´s sense of humour and the reflections of the things he values. He has this great ways of bringing the best out of each setting and story be it a high school love story , family or friendship. It sort of makes you realize the things you take for granted and don´t appreciate. 


In fact, the book is so good one of my crazy friends bought seven copies because she kept giving it as a gift. There are two things that I found exciting in this: one is the whole idea of seeing the human ability to creativity. Second, is the fact that we have books we can give as gifts or make part of our packing for trips.

Once again, Long live imagination !!!





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