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Annoying but Funny… May 28, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in Culture, My Friends.

 >  How all my Habesha friends keep saying Puerto Rico after I told them 10,000 times that I am in Costa Rica.

>  How I now don’t even try to explain to my friends where Cost Rica is located. Even when they keep on sending me emails that say ” How are you holding up there in South America?”

 >  How my travel agent tried to book me a flight to San Jose ,California when I specifically and repeatedly asked a ticket for San Jose, Costa Rica.

 > How my American friend said ”Is that like Korean or sth?” when I told him we speak Amharic in Ethiopia.



 >  How people in Costa Rica first ask about Animals, especially elephants,when you tell them you are from Africa.

 >  How people in Costa Rica see my passport and always say ”you are the first person I’ve met from this country”.

>  How a 7th grader asked me if people in Africa use elephants as a transport. Sounds a cliche but when you are on the spot it’s really funny.

>  How a french colleague said ”It looks so boring” after I sent him a link to an Ethiopian traditional(Eskista) dance.

 >  How an Icelandic friend couldn’t believe I, (a black person), can get suntanned even while looking at my zebra coloured face.

> How it’s normal in Costa Rica to address people with their skin colour or facial features. Like in the super market people would respectfully say ”Gracias negra (black), morena(burnette) or Chinita(chinese)”

>How my mom always asks ” Are you having a proper meal?”  and says ” that is not food ”  when I tell her I am enjoying rice.                        



1. abesheet - May 30, 2008

Yeah, the first few months (years, infact) i went on the internet, nobody would believe I was chatting from Ethiopia.

A few months through, people started asking me if i was ok & have what i need (u know.. in a soft voice and worried like). And once if I had a pot belly with flies eating my ear. That’s when i realized there was, afterall, an Ethiopian element in the abesheet soul (had a bitter childhood, thought i hated my country!!). Those comments, even the friendly ones, stung like a bee!

2. habeshaviews - June 2, 2008

´´nobody would believe I was chatting from Ethiopia´´

Wht´s up with that BTW ? i.e ,I come across a lot of ppl (Habeshas) who find it hard to take.

3. abesheet - June 2, 2008

Beats me! 🙂

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