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Stressed out May 30, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in My Days.

Well , never been good in handling stress. All messy as I am trying to finish up things on time. I don’t like how to do tips ,books ,shows or anything that has to do with instructions. Partly, because I don’t think there is a recipe to life , stress being part of it.This time I had to check some sites for tips on how to avoid stress. The following are recommended by the American Psychological Association;

> Understand how you experience stress,

> Identify your sources of stress

> Learn your own stress signals

> Recognize how you deal with stress

> Reach out for support

I might add one for myself ,get back to work!

If you buy these things here is a link on


1. Dr. Ethiopia - May 31, 2008

Interesting you say that you don’t like “how-to” books, guides, ETC

I think you are like some folks who like to figure it out by themselves, and i think all this “how-to” stuff makes you feel like those folks who jump on medications for every symptom.

Anyhow, i believe “how-to’s” are not the cure for stress, but rather the reduction of them and keeping them in check and at bay.
As too mmuch stress can hinder your effort and productivity, and that is simply due to the hormones released in your brain during stress. I heard your brain don’t like those ‘bastards’ (strees hormones.

With that said i know so many, including myself, who seem to do well under pressure, (i don’t know if that would necessarily mean, stress)

P.S. Be Stressed, it means you are living and right.

2. habeshaviews - June 2, 2008

@ ´´Be Stressed, it means you are living and right.´´

Couldn´t agree more!

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