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The ´Normal day´ June 3, 2008

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Guess what happened here today?…earthquake…lol

How many times would you get that answer for a ´guess what´ question?

Anyhow, Costa Rica is a seismically-active country. Earthquake is something you would be told about when you plan to travel here. But, these are things you can never be ready for. The last earthquake catastrophe here in 1991 measured 7.4 on the Reichter scale. It killed 27 people and injured 400 in the Atlantic side of the country.

Today was a normal day in the library. Yours truly ,sitting at the same spot trying to add some more lines to the godforsaken paper . The earth shook for a brief moment. Everybody looked at each other and waited to see if there will be another one but nothing happened. It was not my first earthquake experience.

First time was about a year ago at about 2 in the morning. I was reading when I felt my bed moving. First thing in my mind ´´Oh *hit ! someone is under my bed´´…lol …How classic ,right? …

I got off the bed and slowly looked under. I didn´t even know what I would have done if there was indeed someone. Anyhow ,when all I saw was old shoes , it hit me ´´Oh my God, Its an earthquake´´.

Anyhow, today got me thinking. You know, this is how things happen i.e volcanoes, Tsunamis ,floods,car crushes …etc ,  Everything happens on a ´normal day´!




1. tpeace - June 9, 2008

woahhh, must have been an interesting moment of reflection.
I’m still looking forward to what about what all you have to say about CR 🙂
tpeaces from senduQ

2. habeshaviews - June 9, 2008

CR, coming up tpeace.

I was thinking of writing it at once but figured it will be too long for a single post. So I decided to do a series. Very soon.

Tnx for checking.

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