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Please, don´t smoke marijuana here. Go to the beach! June 14, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in Culture, Travel.

I like backpackers places. For one they are really cheap i.e  make travelling possible. Especially, if you are ever broke like me.

I also like the people I meet in those places. You know: the young ,the beaten from travel, the ´hell to the world´, dellusional , hippy type…?  You swim until you die during the day and gossip about world politics with them at night. For real, those are some moments I enjoy from travel.

Things are too informal.Probably, because of the kind of people who stay there. No stuck up hotel attendant staring at you. If you are lucky, they will even let you cook.  

Their naming is usually funny. They have a way of making you feel cheaper than the money you paid. Like : backpackers heaven, the sun and the moon, tranquillo( the spanish ´Chill out´ in this sense), Rock &J´s . ..etc.


Photo: rock and J´s , Puerto Viejo by Sanja Baker.

Come to think of it , we don´t have these kind of places back home where we need them the most. I can imagine what it can do for the toursim.




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