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Only happnes in Africa ! July 5, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in What's on the News?.

And we are back, It´s one of those ´only happens in Africa´ political stories.

It all started out with Zambia´s President Mwanawasa having a stroke and checking in a hospital in Paris earlier this week. Yesterday,July 3, some crazy bored guy who claimed to represent the head of protocol at Zambia’s High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa told a radio station that Mwanawasa has died.

The news got to South African President,Thabo Mbeki,who was at the time attending a memorial ceremony for the victims of the recent xenophobia attack in the country. Naturally, Mbeki rushed into calling for a minute of silence in remembrance of Dr Mwanawasa.

The News spread fast through the BBC, Sky News and various other broadcasters. A few hours later the vice president of Zambia(now the acting president) announced that the news was fabricated and the President is recovering in Paris. No one knows who was pretending to be a Zambian official and gave the interview to the radio station in Jo-burg. Zambia says it doesn´t have an official with the quoted name.


Mwanawasa                                Mbeki

President Mwanawasa , a lawyer, got re-elected for the second time in 2006 is considered the darling of aid agencies. He has had series of health complications since a traffic accident in 1991.

Thanks to Raphie for sharing the story and you can read more here



1. arefe - July 6, 2008

That is bad.The radio station in a way is the villan, it should have taken some care and a little check.
Unfortunately, (our) online world could be a fertile ground for transmiting wilful lies and distortions.
Imagine a crazy bored blogger comes up with a post announcing the death of a prime minster who is alive and kicking.It will create a
mayham at least for hours.

2. habeshaviews - July 7, 2008

Yeah ,right about the misuse of media in this age of sophesticated technology. In this case, I would put 75% of the blame on Mbeki and his information office. Why would a gov´t believe an FM radio station especially in South Africa where there are hundreds of them? Fm is something that could be jammed with a good Ipod.

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