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`Zimbabwe is not a British Colony !` July 7, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in What's on the News?.

I am not naive enough to think the issue of Zimbabwe is only the never ending Mugabe regime. I am certainly  not naive enough to think Mugabe is a blood thirsty dictator the West is trying to make him look.


Recently, Mugabe was back in the news for lashing out at jornalists at the African Union Summit in Egypt. He called journalists ´Stupid Idiots ´ further screaming  ´Zimbabwe is not a British Colony´. He definitely was not very presidential. He was unpresidential as much as the Journalists were unprofessional . Journalists were showing their usually western arrogance towards an African leader. In fact, one journalist congratulated him for ´stealing an election´. Most of them  have a dispeakable, simplistic interpretation of Africa as a single country with people who enjoy killing one another and  leaders who just love to eat human flesh.

 I think Mugabe has made great contributions to Zimbabwe in general:

  • Unlike other African countries the population of Zimbabwe has only doubled through the past 30 years. It will only get 14 million in 2015
  • It has one of the highest literacy rate in the world with (90%)
  • There are eleven universities in Zimbabwe that are fully internationally accredited.
  • Almost 10 percent of Zimbabwe’s population have free unrestricted access to Internet services.
  • Cellular subscribers per 1,000 people are 54 which is better than countries like Libya, Uganda, Mali and Tanzania.
  • 64% of one year olds in Zimbabwe have been fully immunized , this is much better than countries like Ethiopia which only make 36%.
  • It has better improved water and sanitation access than countries like Uganda, Yemen, Senegal Tanzania ,Malawi, Zamibia ..etc

Of course ,this doesn´t mean the man has to stay in power forever. He has to go. What I don´t understand is why the West is so keen in bringing him down. England is acting like a protector putting sanctions on what it called the violation of rights of white Zimbabweans. They seem to forget that it is a sovereign state now. There are dictators who have been in power since the beginning of time like Mubarak .Nobody seems to say anything about that. There are people like Zenawi, Musevini, Al Bashir …etc. these are leaders who cán´t even feed their population three meals a day. How come everybody is comfortable with that but not Mugabe ?



1. abesheet - July 15, 2008

Not to mention how Zimbabwe was called “the bread basket of Africa” only a few years ago. The West’s explanation for this, perhaps, is that white farmers has much to do with Zimbabwe’s growth and the fact that the country was under colonization until 1980. I’d like to think that is not so. For I believe all men are born equal, with equal talent for each individual to assist him become whatever his heart desires, IF allowed. Africans, unfortunately, are born into an environment which keeps them too busy with fighting off hunger, illeteracy and civil war (the results of colonization) to look into the question of talents. So maybe colonization helped Zimbabwe, or doomed Zimbabwe. Maybe the Zimbabweans would have been better off without it, or worse off. In my naive-to-history-&-it’s-implication mind, it feels like the egg or chicken question: was Africa colonized because it was more backward than the west or did colonization resulted in her being so, etc etc!

Still, i know the West’s “Satanizing” Mugabe has much to do with him taking off those lands owned by those white farmers. It’s embarassingly obvious. And they dare tell us they are fighting to see democracy happen in Africa?! Isn’t that the same excuse their missionaries gave before their colonizers, the flag closely following the cross, took the land off Africans?!.

2. abesheet - July 15, 2008

BTW, I think you should read my Breaking News to know my [insignificant] stand on Mugabe. I’m kindda proud of it myself 😉

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