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Moving in rhythm July 10, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in Culture.

Dancing is about having fun.  Its not about knowing steps. Its about feeling the music. You don´t need words to communicate you just have to move in rhythm. I don´t get it how people don´t show a slight interest to move when they listen to music. Like in a public place, say in a taxi or a bus , the music is playing loud . You turn to the next person and they are sitting looking all calm, not even a slight movement of the head with the music. Sometimes it gets worse ,they don´t even acknowledge the music. It keeps changing and they´re sitting looking all stuck up. I always find  such people strange. I keep on looking at them with each new music and say to myself  ´´Seriously, not even this one ?´´.


I think anybody can dance. You don´t have to learn through counting steps. That is the worst. You will just have to know how to listen to the music and let it to your body. Don´t try to copy steps, understand it.Like for instance, salsa is a good conversation. You will just have to follow your partner. Hip-hop is about attitude. No matter how great a dancer you are if you don´t have the attitude it just doesn´t go.  Ballet is about precision. In fact, they say it even has its own vocabulary. 

 A lot of these styles are highly racialized, classified and gendered. Dancing, though, should only be about fun. Just listening to the music and moving in rhythm.



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