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Never again- only in Darfur! July 15, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in What's on the News?.

I think the genocide in darfur is the usual failure of the international community who sat and debated over  definitions of terms while hundreds are being killed. And of course, its usual ignorance in understanding Africa’s problems as a simple joy to kill one another. It doesn’t matter because there are too many of us, anyways. I believe race and politics played an important role .

Since the conflict begun in 2003 the UN estimates close to half a million people have been killed. The Sudanese government have been implicated in the conflict openly supporting and funding Arab militias to attack three non Arab tribes.


                                                   Al Bashir

Yesterday, the ICC finally charged Sudanese president, Omar Hassen al Bashir, with genocide stating ”Bashir is executing this genocide without gas chambers, without bullets, without machetes. It is genocide by attrition”.

A panel of judges yet to decide whether there are reasonable grounds for issuing an arrest warrant. If so, Interpol will pick him up with his first step out of the Sudanese territory. In the meantime Sudan would lobby with countries like Russia and China to suspend the warrant temporarily.               


China and Russia have been supporting the economies and military of Sudan and involved in oil exploration in that country. Japan and india are also  major buyers.

Full story Here



1. abesheet - July 17, 2008

It seems the only time the international community gets interested in an African country is when a White person (or his “tiQim”) is involved. The saddest thing is, they are the ones who mess it up for us to begin with, yet they won’t lend a finger when we pay for it dearly.

2. abesheet - July 17, 2008

that wasn’t a wink 😦

3. indigoblu - July 24, 2008

The second picture you have posted speaks volumes. History does have a way of repeating itself, though I’m not sure if it’s the victims who are learning the most from it or not, but one thing is for sure…the victimizers learn from history.

They learn that they can do it and get away with it using less obvious methods in the name of money and power. This genocide has never been a “war” and has been going on for the longest–it is very sad–and only shows how much the world truly cares for humanity.

Nice blog; it’s very imformative.

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