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The land of pure life- Volcanoes and Hot springs July 29, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in My life, Travel.

I went down north to see the Arenal Volcano this weekend. It was an amazing experience although I wasn`t able to get as close as I want to and clouds were covering the mountain tip. Either ways, its not every where in this world you can just take a bus to see a volcano. I climbed small hills and used binoculars to have a better view.The tour guide also gave me a crush course, Geo 101 .

The most phenomenal part of my trip was the hot springs in la fortuna. It was the second most amazing natural site I have come across in my life. First one being Mt. Kilimanjaro. In la fortuna you can literally swim in a river made of natural hot springs. Not to add I was there at 10:00 PM at night. I just couldn`t stop sliding under the bridged and swimming like crazy in the river. I lied there hot water flowing over my body ,looking parts of the sky through the big leaves.  What a wonderful experiance!

I am totally speechless, just come and see it when you can !

Sorry I didn´t have my camera with me. Still not working as the repair ppl couldn´t find an HP spare part. The same thing happened when I first saw the Kilimanjaro. A  speechless moment stunned with nature. I remember feeling really tiny in front of a  mountain that looked like one of those images the clouds make. I had no idea how tall it could be. I realized that I should have taken pictures after I passed it by.

Picture or not,these are things that would always remain in you . Those are  feelings you will always remember when ever you think of nature and humanity.

I also had the chance to chat with the usual cynical pack backers. World politics is still the favourite discussion topic, In case anybody cares!

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1. skyblue ambiance - April 30, 2009

How beautiful the early misty clouds certainly add a sombeance to the majestic mountain volcano. Beatiful.

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