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Halk baked here and there August 8, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in My Days, My life, Travel, What's on the News?.

Finally left CR feeling half baked. Funny enough , I didn’t feel sad to leave as I did with other places. May be its because part of me knows I might be there again in January. Great memories and important lessons learned through the year. Got a feeling that humanity might afterall have some hope. Understood that I take a lot of things for granted and as my South African friend says I should start taking life seriously. I already miss the greenness and the chilling life style and the warm people.I miss the ordered lists of my  life even if it where for a while. I am going to write a recap of the time in Costa Rica one of these days.

I am back in the States ,will be in DC for a while. Enjoying the habesha hospitality and wondering what all these people are doing here :Eating kinche for breakfast,making coffee until sostegna , mid-age men walking with cherk pants trying to get something out of their ears with their car keys and the women jumping in shock with the sight of the next black man. Young men trying to hit on every girl they think they might have a chance on. They ask funny questions five minutes after they meet you ” What would you say if we spend this afternoon together”. Sure ! I don’t have anything to do and I was hoping you would hit on me when I left the house..lol …There must be something wrong with me, I guess.

I got to give it up for DC this time , great weather.  I realized after its too late that I should have been in China right now. Either ways, will be enjoying the Olympics on TV again!



1. abesheet - August 14, 2008

Your life sounds so fascinating that i couldn’t help but be jealous (although even the Awassa trip of last week, i have to be threatened by the prospect of losing my job before i decided to go. My insecurity scares me sometimes. I mean, i’ve never considered myself an introvert, feeling it’s cheap self-flattery, for i’ve always had a thing for shy guys and introverts, but the more examined my hesitation to leave my spot, the more i’m convinced there is an introvert in me who just like to blah blah a lot). I remember you mentioning how you travel a lot. May i ask why and… why?! 🙂

P.S. i think you should have the login& out button on your blog. Makes leaving a comment much easier.

Stay kewl!

2. habeshaviews - August 15, 2008

Not that fascinating.In fact, I do not travel as much as I want due to money and time issues. I don’t like it when things limit me from doing sth I want to do. So I do whatever I can to travel. I hear you on the Job stuff. I used to fight a lot with my boss because of these issuee. Fortunetly, my job didn’t require me spending time at the office and there were a lot of things I could finish up inadvance.
I travel because it gives me the opportunity to learn and see diffrent things, ppl and their culture. I feel that there is a lot to see and learn out there. I would think about the great ppl I have met and the life styles I have seen while traveling and compare it with the time I would spend in doing the same thing. It just doesn’t compare. I really hate routine.

tnx for the logging tip.

3. abesheet - August 20, 2008

Wow! I gotta go to wordpress.com, sign in, open my page, click on your link, come here and leave a comment. If that ain’t travel, I wouldn’t know one if I saw one 😉 .


I agree on what you said. Travel gives opportunities to broaden one’s horizons. Although, the way i see it, it can be done in half the time and no expense using your imagination 🙂 . Still, i think it’s good to travel if you can afford it. And you seem too. Wow! Are you like the richest young girl in south america or what? I was sure your job offers you the opportunity, that’s what the ‘why’ ‘why’s meant. If you are doing it on your own, i will raise my hat to you.

4. habeshaviews - August 20, 2008

lol…about the log in stuff. I did get what you mean about the ” why and why” I just didn’t want to go further on that. Three things

1. I might not agree on travelling with imagination. I had a professor who had been to more than 90 sth countries and he once said ” If you haven’t travelled from your place of birth you are still on the first page of your life” or sth like that. Personally, I do not think the opportunities travel gives you compares.

2. It really is not money or the part it plays is insiginificant. when was the last time you(or somebody you know) checked how much a return ticket costs to go to Kenya?….Do you know you don’t even need a visa to go there?..you can stay in cheap places…etc .But how many ppl do that ?…very little. How money ppl get into Iqub to buy some jewellery after, I don’t know, saving for two years?…very many. How many ppl save to travel …No one I know. Listen, I think the thing is in Ethiopia we are just not raised like that. We just into ourselves …we are simply not curios about others. We also think we have the most civilized culture so wherever we go ppl would eat us or sth because others are cannibals…etc. I know a lot of ppl who are not interested to go 10 mts farther than their hotel rooms.

3. Last point, my job only offered me the time. So, If you really wanna do it , go the extra length at least plan to see one country in two years.

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