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First impressions September 5, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in My Days.

He is a big man. A kind you would describe overweight. I can see them talking. He is trying really hard to impress her. His smiles at the end of each sentence make his eyes disappear into a thin line. He has a white shirt and a black tie on.Not really weather sensitive. He keeps leaning his head to one side. That can not be a good gesture. I know he is nervous. I can see him tabbing the floor under the chair. He looks more like a child being shout at by his mom. This is not the ideal place for this kind of conversation. An over crowded cafe. Some lady trying to play guitar. She reminds me of Phoebe from friends with out the sense of humor. He paused again with a smile to hear what she was saying and continued before she finishes. I just took off my ear phones to over hear them. He was telling her how he would convince people to change their schedule.She doesn’t say much ,just keeps nodding and take notes every now and then. She finally returned his smile and shook his hand. He left the table and joined another group.

As I get up to take my coffee ,I over heared him saying ‘ I think it went well ”. I can see the scaled chart the lady is filling in from the back. She had circled all the last choices. She went out to talk to the next person.



1. tsedey - September 17, 2008

very touchy…

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