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Little Ethiopia September 7, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in Ethiopia, My Days, Travel.

This past week I ended up in one of the small Ethiopian restaurants here and had the chance to listen to Telela Kebede playing one of my favorite Amharic songs. It’s not a place where you would want to see such great performers. It got me thinking what the heck is wrong with Ethiopia.  It keeps driving out all the good things and all the best people.       

I once read this Amharic poem.I think it says it all:

ትላንት ነቢይ በአገሩ አይከበርም፣
ዛሬ ነቢይ በአገሩ አይኖርም፣
ነገ ነቢይ አይፈጠርም።



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