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New York, the city of Superlatives !!! September 18, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in Culture, My life, Travel.

Haven’t been feeling like blogging for a couple of days now. I know: yeah ,like you care, right?

Any-who, trying to understand this total chaos called New York. Imagine a very very big Merkato or San Jose with very well dressed people and annoyingly tall buildings. A lot of people on the streets at any time of the day, weekends or not. They rush to somewhere. Not really that they have somewhere to get to but I guess they are just used to walking like that. I know that because I’ve started to keep up my pace even though I am getting out of work and I don’t have to rush home. Streets are full of trash bags lying here and there.  Really old subway trains with no ventilation system unless you are in the train. I wonder how it would be in winter. But, that must be the oldest subway system. I will look that up one of these days. Smokes coming out of the street swerage system and the whole chaos  reminds me of the expression ”Hell’s Kitchen” for some reason . New York is very diversified as well. You can see people from every race and colour.


I already love it. My kind of place. Its really unpredictable and gives you the feeling that you have the freedom to do anything. People just don’t care. Its kind of funny. They don’t care if you are next to them screaming , shouting, begging…etc.  When you ask for help they are really nice ,polite and easy going.








 Next week is the meeting of General Assembly of the UN. The city will be crazy tight with security.

So Vamos a ver



1. Ethiopiyawit - October 5, 2008

Good to have another Ethiopian in my city. Been here for the last 20 something years now and love it as much as I love Addis Ababa. I never really knew how much this city meant to me till 9/11. There is somethng about NYC, it’s just grows on you.

Ethiopiyawit in NY

2. habeshaviews - October 6, 2008

I can not agree with you more. I think Billy Joel said it well , New York is defintely a state of mind

Nice to have you around. Keep coming !

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