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The Fall of America October 9, 2008

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The recent economic crisis and the bail out plan has been the talk of the media for the past few weeks. Angry looking wall street people have filled the faces of news papers and websites. The extent to which the crisis would impact the global economy is yet to be seen.


A recent Newsweek article by Francis Fukuyama is one of the most articulative pieces I have come across on the issue. He looks at the national and global implications of the problem. Here is a quote from the article entitled ” The Fall of America ,Inc.” 

“Democracy was tarnished even earlier. Once Saddam was proved not to have WMD, the Bush administration sought to justify the Iraq War by linking it to a broader “freedom agenda”; suddenly the promotion of democracy was a chief weapon in the war against terrorism. To many people around the world, America’s rhetoric about democracy sounds a lot like an excuse for furthering U.S. hegemony.

The choice we face now goes well beyond the bailout, or the presidential campaign. The American brand is being sorely tested at a time when other models—whether China’s or Russia’s—are looking more and more attractive.”

Get the full story here



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