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Here and there in freezing New York October 21, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in My Days, My life.

New York is freezing by the day. My work colleagues tell me to “shut up!” whenever I complain about that saying I haven’t seen the worst of it yet. Of course, the cold has not made me stay indoors. On Saturday, I went to Coney Island the Atlantic beach town. It looked deserted with a real cold wind. I tried to read a little but couldn’t stay long as I would have whenever I am near a water body. I was surprised to meet a lot of eastern Europeans.


Sunday, I checked out the climate change exhibition at the Natural history Museum. I wasn’t stunned. A bit expensive but not as engaging as I thought It would(should)be. A lot of information with some illustrations. I was able to understand the climate change challenge much better. I saw a real coal and learned that soft drinks really are acidic and only 2 HP level lower than batteries. Though, I will still drink Coke.I learned that there are floating houses in Netherlands and a 1991 eruption of Mt Pinatubo in Philippines released some 15 billion mostly sulfur-dioxide molecules to the atmosphere and it shaded earth for more than 2 years. There are  a lot  of things to see in the Museum for free as well.History about ancient Asia, Latin America and Africa(very small and limited session,though).

In the meantime ,NY is amazing . There is always something to see: whether its people dancing or singing on the streets or just sitting some where in time square after work and enjoying the non-stopping crowd.




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