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Halloween…November 4th… October 29, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in My Days, Travel, What's on the News?.

America is on yet another historical juncture now. This presidential election is historical regardless of how the final results will turn out. Every other person I spoke to about it thinks something would go wrong on election day and obama might not make it in. Some say Americans are just not ready to see a non- white president. No matter what the rhetoric is for the media ,its just difficult to say people would in fact cast their votes for Obama. Others think the election might be rigged or some over looked laws and or by laws would be used to prohibit people from voting. A lot of my friends also say they have already voted. I do not think America has ever been this  uncertain of the out come of elections. I tried to look for independent observers to volunteer on election day but have not been able to find one yet. My personal views on the election:

  • I want Obama in the White House for the racial statement his presence would make.
  • I don’t think he would change much in American politics. Especially, over seas policies.
  • I think he is much better than the Republican Candidates.  

In the meantime, live goes on. After endless rambling about my camera I finally managed to get a new one as a gift. Lesson learned , rambling pays off.  Perfect timing for Halloween is here. On the 31st New york will hold its annual Halloween parade. We are betting how many people would dress up like Sara Palin…lol.

I Promise to put up some pics of the parade.



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