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“24 hours to go …Holy *hit!” November 3, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in Ethiopia, My Days, What's on the News?.

I am so excited about tomorrow while keeping my fingers crossed. History in the making, the first black president for one of the most powerful nation in the world. I just can’t believe he made it this far and it’s just 24 hours away. People are organizing celebration parties almost everywhere. The city is full of ads telling people to go out and vote.

Voting Sign -Time Square

Voting Sign -Time Square

A lot of new stuff happened over the weekend here. Each of them might make separate posts by themselves. Halloween on Friday was crazy. New york absolutely went insane. People were out of their dressing minds ,they had to show up naked. I will still post some Halloween pics before the end of the week. The most creative costume I saw was the face book girl.

Sunday was the NY Marathon. It was so much fun to cheer for Gete Wami. I didn’t/don’t care whether she wins or not. I am just thinking what it takes for a young girl who grew up in rural Ethiopia to be able to take part in international Marathons. Period!

In the meantime, much respect for Paula Radcliff who run without any strategy but still made it. Amazing !!!

The funniest Sign goes tooooo…..



1. Entoto - November 4, 2008

How primitive it is to use “Holy Shit!” everywhere. They think they are cool and sophistcated….boaring…

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