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Ordered to read November 10, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in Art Reviews.

Sometimes its only the actual experience that can clearly explain things. When you come across something like that you can only ask people to see it for themselves. When I was about to moveto NYC I called a family friend and asked about some insider look. He said “forget about what people tell you just come and you will see it”.I did and I understand what he meant. There are somethings that you would only understand about  a place when you live in it. Hold, this is not about Obama again. This is not about NYC again,either. This is about a book I just read. I did a post on it a few months ago, ” The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears” by Dinaw Mengistu. I managed to read it. It has all the things I love in a book: Details … Details…Details …sense of humour and great observations. It is the closest you can get to the life of immigrants (Especially of Africans ,especially of Ethiopians). Nothing more to tell you about it. You will understand when you experience it. In fact , this is an order , READ IT !




1. mitti - November 12, 2008

Oh my GOD! This book is absolutely mesmerizing! It’s been a long time since a phrase from a book has just stuck in my head, or since I’ve felt the urge to read a book again. Dinaw does such a wonderful job with his descriptions and not just creating images, just the voice with which he writes. The characters are alive and sometimes, and this is rare for me, I felt he was just talking and I could actually hear a voice. Such is great writing to me, and this one was certainly that!

2. habeshaviews - November 17, 2008

I think you would enjoy his narration of an excerpt of the book too.

3. carlos - November 17, 2008

That book seams very atractive. I`ll try to get it and read. My country, hwere in northwest of Spain, is was accustomed to the emigrations ofr its peoples. Galician and Ethiopian has a lot of common things.
Have you contac with the author of the book. He lives in USE or in Ethiopia? I would like to contact with a ethiopian young people tha is doing this kind of work, you konw.
Thanks again.

4. habeshaviews - November 17, 2008

Hola Carlos,

Muchas gracias para su comentario.

Como dije this is one of the greatest books I have read on migrants. No me he puesto en contacto con el aun.Pero ,la informacion sobre su libro dice Dinaw moved to the USA when he was two years old and he now lives in New York. I think he did journalistic pieces on civil wars in Uganda and Sudan for publications like the Wall Street Journal , The Rolling Stone…etc.

5. Ankami - November 28, 2008

Hello HBshvws
I found this interview in Addis Journal. Interesting and e talk (colaterally) about this book


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