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Read for the holiday December 24, 2008

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Not feeling like blogging again. Not in the holyday mood either. A bit confused ,broke ,not exactly in love but a bit infatuated as well .

Reading seems the only thing that makes constant sense: got more suggestions.


I am reading now “blink”  by Malcolm Gladwell. I am not into those kind of books. Someone suggested it and now I am enjoying it. More of a psychological read and discusses how the human mind works in making decisions.

Another  one I am not done reading yet is ” Lipstick Jihad” .Its a memoir of an Iranian American Women journalist.


Check them out when you have a chance.


Good People December 17, 2008

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There are good people in this world and this post is about them.

I mean people whom you would think about years after you met them, sit back , put half smile on your face and say ´´ This world is not a bad place after all !´´

These are people who have little but share it without a blink. These are people who, five minutes after you met them, would go out of their way to get you want you want. These are people who, right after your first acquaintances, would say ´let us know if there is anything , we are family now!´. These are people who would make you see the best out of the worst instances of your life.  And you know they would do that with no strings attached.

They don’t even have to give you anything. Their genuine offer is enough to make you feel better about this world.            


I have met them in the least expected places. May be one in three or four years. But, enough to last me a life time. When I get too cynical ,at times, I think about them and say ´This world can not be the worst place after all!´

To all the good people I’ve met.

Shoes are the new tomatoes December 15, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in What's on the News?.

NBC says showing some one the back of your shoes is the worst insult in the Arab culture. Out going President Bush says this is the weirdest thing he has ever seen during his presidency. I beg to differ. He kept breaking his own records.