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Read for the holiday December 24, 2008

Posted by habeshaviews in Art Reviews, My Days.

Not feeling like blogging again. Not in the holyday mood either. A bit confused ,broke ,not exactly in love but a bit infatuated as well .

Reading seems the only thing that makes constant sense: got more suggestions.


I am reading now “blink”  by Malcolm Gladwell. I am not into those kind of books. Someone suggested it and now I am enjoying it. More of a psychological read and discusses how the human mind works in making decisions.

Another  one I am not done reading yet is ” Lipstick Jihad” .Its a memoir of an Iranian American Women journalist.


Check them out when you have a chance.



1. Dr.Ethiopia - December 26, 2008

Gladwell, a sensational author who is a hig achiever indeed. Are you serious you are not into those type of books? His most recent, current Bestseller is mind blowing, it is called Outlier. A life changer. It sort of talks about the long standing myth about talent, gift and these overblown explanation for those who are high-achievrs. In short, it talks about practice – and a deliberate one at that – is theonly thing that sets high achievers apart from others. His delivery is crisp and soul-stirring. That would be my suggestion, if i could.

2. Dr.Ethiopia - December 26, 2008

I am terribly sorry, forgot to wish you Happy Holidays. I was forced to come back because of it. Sorry you’re not in the mood or any holiday spirit.

3. habeshaviews - December 27, 2008

Thanks for the best wishes and the suggestion. I will check out outlier too. Please share others too. Blink is better than the rest of the psychological theme books I have seen.

4. ankami - December 31, 2008

Hi again habeshavw
Melkam Gena. Feliz año 2009

My sugestion is Onitsha by JMG Le Clézio, the last Nobel. He is a farangi whith an african soul, You know I said sametimes that I`m a farangi with abesha soul. Le Clézio is exactlu that…

5. habeshaviews - January 6, 2009

Thanks ,will check it out. No tengo dudes que estas uno ferenji con alma habesha .
Feliz ano nuevo!

6. abesheet - January 23, 2009

Would love to take a look at “Lipstic Jehad”. Sounds interesting. If you are done reading it, perhaps you’d like to write a review on it. For some reason, i find books and movies i read the review of irresistable.

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