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Inaugurated January 21, 2009

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The big day finally came. We all knew he won but just wanted to make sure he really is in the white house. Lines and Lines of people and Security fences. I got there at around 9:00 am. Ignored several suggestions to spend the night somewhere near and paid dearly for that. It was crazy cold and windy. I stood for hours.Most of it in line to get through.Not specifically to see Obama but justed wanted to be there when it happnes. Since monday the whole mood felt like a holyday . Obama Souvernirs were for sale everywhere. Mugs , caps , T-shirts ,key-holders ..you name it. I detest the way this country comericializes everything. People would sale their souls to the devil if they think they would make money out of it.BTW, saw Mc Kein stuff on sale.
On tuesday ,many people I know took the day-off while some offices were closed for the day. I think everyone in a way feel that they had something to do with the election. Its like a personal party or a wedding where you are the best man or the bride’s made.

For me ,All the wait and standing in the freezing weather was totally worth it. I am glad I was there. I believe this country can not have a better President than Obama at this point in History.


2009 January 6, 2009

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2009@Time Square

2009@Time Square

2009 …OMG ,getting old … if you are an Ethiopian twice a year 🙂  Who cares though ? these days the year just flys by. It shouldn’t even count as a full year. Its like “6 months are the new 1 year “. My birthday falls in Dec. Meaning ,I still feel young on Ethiopian New year 🙂

For some reason , I’ve got a great feeling about 2009 that it would be full of new adventures and blessings. I thought I should start it with something of the sort and took a cheap Chinese bus to NYC. It was an adventure ,alright !   The bus kept breaking down and it took me 8 hours to get to NYC from DC.

Time Square on New year’s eve was dame cold and full of people from everywhere. I didn’t mind the long walk to join the crowd do the count down. We could get to the center of it only after many left leaving the trash behind for the cold wind to blew it on our face.


Happy new year!   2009  is going to be a great one and you can quote me on that !

New Year's Breakfast

New Year's Breakfast