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Dawit July 15, 2009

Posted by habeshaviews in Ethiopia, My Days, Travel.

This is the story of Dawit, a shoeshine boy in Merkato. He is ten. Dawit lives with his grandma. He has a beautiful smiley face and  premature body for his age. He just started working and tries to understand the tricks of the business.His grandma is too old to work so he supports the family from the little earnings of shoeshining.  His grandma usually stays in bed and each night he buys her dinner from the near by shanty hotels. That would be her meal for the day. Dawit worries she doesn’t eat enough.

Both Dawit’s parents died of an illness. I didn’t have the heart to ask what. I just told him how sorry I am to hear that. He said ” Don’t worry about it. It was a long time ago and I was six by then”


Dawit is ten.

Read the story of Hanna here. Whose Mom, btw, ended up dying.



1. Ankami - July 15, 2009

Hanna, Dawit and how much more… I like how you’ve written with simplicity and brevity, these two stories. Congratulations.
See yo soon.

habeshaviews - July 15, 2009

Si , que triste !

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