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Power and the People July 24, 2009

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I am guessing if you are a person who would go on-line once in an eclipse, you must have heared about the coup in Honduras. If not, here are some basics:-  Honduran President Zelaya was over thrown by a military coup d’etat recently. As in some of the countries around, his government has leftist tendencies and has carried out some reforms meant to lift up the poor. There is a unanimous international consensus on the need to the restoration of the president. On the other hand, in spite of the upfront condemnation by the Obama government there are suspicions that there is an underground US support to the new illegitimate government in Honduras.

Today’s blog features an  on-line  chat I had with an Honduran friend over the issue.. Of course , its editied …Enjoy

Me: Senor ?

Jaime hi

Me: Hola Hola …miss me? 🙂

Jaime sure, i wish to have the chance to express you all my frustration

Me: How is all ..The coup d’etat is killing u right?

Jaime yes, I can’t keep standing it .people into the country is being brainwashed by the local media

Me: U will get used to it ..don’t worry ..lol:) Tell me details ….Si quieres en espanol tambien

Jaime Zelaya ingresó a Honduras en el ALBA. he is very close to Chavez, Correa, Evo Morales, etc

just another lefty guy like all around

ME: lol…go on

Jaime: the honduran political and economical elite just didn’t like his plans of applying a poll a poll tha was going to be used as a way to propose a referendum he was already afecting the interest of the rich class by making important reformation just like a cold war issue a coup, and then a dictatorship media blackout and a long list of dictatorial actions. Zelaya has many legal acusation against him but they came out with all those after they kicked him out of the country he never had any legal process the supreme court and most of the congress is totaly corrupted. I could go deeper into details, but there are so many

 ME: Who owns the media in honduras?

Jaime the media is private, they shut down the public one and restart it under their control

but a lot of people inside are believing all that bullshit

ME: Mira Jaime ..this is typical of dictators ..I know that because I have seen it here in many countries. Now …Why would it be in America’s interest to support Zelaya ? Would they want another Chavez or Morales?

Jaime: they do it officialy

Me: I know ..Of course , Obama wouldn’t want to be taken like that

Jaime :they do because the dictators were not even sutil in their actions there are serious hypotesis of an american backup undergound

Me: I think too There is a strong possibility of it. Now ..I think what they would do is they would make a deal with them to have a gov’t that’s rightist

Jaime: yes, for example Evo Morales said this:

“lets supposed we have the same scenary but in the other way around, some lefty guys kicking out a conservative president, in that case the american will take action inmediatly” in this case they haven’t

Me: Very Right !!!! Exactly ,my point. The new guys shouldn’t be able to resist this long with out a strong support.

Jaime :-Even some media in USA are convinced of that…..

Me: What is the latest

Jaime:-Zelaya is in the border beetween Honduras ans Nicaragua. he said he will get into honduras in some hours

 because the coup guys didn’t accept  the resolution of the mediation they had with Oscar arias

Me: That is crazy what do you think is next?

Jaime: I am afraid to say it …Civil war

Me: Oh really? what made you say that?

Jaime: the coup regime is too firm on not giveing back the power.zelaya, his followers, and me we want he takes back the power as soon as possible.

Me: Okey ..Don’t you think there is a possibility of the ppl giving in for the coup gov’t?

Jaime they took the second offert to think about it

Me: Which offer?

Jaime :the second Oscar Aria’s resolution. they will have amnisty but they have to give the power power back

ME: and they stay in Costa Rica ?

Jaime :No , I don’t think so

ME: What do you think?

Jaime :They will try to keep them out as much as possible using the military force  if zelaya gets inthey will try to catch him as a prisionner and make a nasty corrupted judgment with a very predictible result but Zelaya is not alone not at all  his supporters are A LOT and they are mad have no weapons as the army…

ME: Let’s hope for the best ..fingers crossed…..

Here is a link on the on Zelaya and the coup



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