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Guess who went back to Kampala? August 23, 2009

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This past week I travelled to Kampala. Its crazy ,chaotic ,full of cars and people ,typical movie picture of an African city. I enjoyed boda boda rides . These are motor bics that would get you anywhere you want in Kampala. Can be dangerous at times since there is no halmet or any other sort  of protection. You just sit behind the driver.But, still fun. Makes you feel like you are in an 80’s movie. Plus,the traffic jam really wouldn’t give you an option to use other means. 

It was nice to be back. Kampala hasn’t changed much since I saw it last in 2007. Just a few new buildings here and there . May be a little less dusty this time,though , my friends do not agree with that. I have seen a lot of Habeshas everywhere. Very young kids as well. Looking at their faces , you can make up your own migration story. You can tell they have been through a lot to get there.


Going to D City August 11, 2009

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I am actually blogging from Dire Dawa.  Believe it or not , its my first time here.  My friend thinks that I should be exectued for that :). Its just a green and beautiful place to be with great warm and windy weather. Walking down the streets, you would find kids as old as 7 hitting on you. So cute to hear ” Hi , konjo” from akid who can’t even pronounce it well. And guess what ?…got a wifi in the hotel!

Yeasterday ,after work, I asked a bajaj (love them BTW) to take me around town. Its well planned with eastern style buildings and residential houses spreading all over town. There is a big arabic influence through out the city. I was told that a few years back , there was large number of arabic and egyptian settlers in town. The bajaj driver also told me that about 50 years ago locals (blacks) were not allowed to come to the white settlement area. Call me ignorant ,but its so new to me to hear an actual segregation existed in Ethiopia.