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Un habesha on Big Brother September 15, 2009

Posted by habeshaviews in Ethiopia, What's on the News?.

I am not a fan of reality shows. Partly, cause I feel they are not really real. There are some I used to follow ,though. Like …” the Amazing race”, some episodes of “the bachleor” , “the biggest loser”, ” the survivor” and two or three of the Cheif shows.

I read a comment on a blog once stating the only reality show an habesha can perform best is  “The survivor”. I share the comment in that I feel Habeshas are too stuck up to be on a reality show.

Jokes aside , there is an habesha guy on a popular reality show currently on air , “Big Brother”. 28 year old Yacob Yehdego from addis is one of the 14 housemates in the reality series being broadcasted from Nigeria.


More about the series from wikipedia

As with all Big Brother series, Big Brother Africa: The Revolution will include surprises and unexpected innovations.  The prize money on offer has now doubled and is USD 200 000.  Even the voting in the new season is set to undergo a complete transformation. This year, audiences will be asked to vote for the housemates they want to see remain in the series rather than the housemates they want to see leave the series. So it’s all about being positive and keeping the great players in the game



1. Baheilu - September 15, 2009

You are right for us Ethiopian “The survivor” is our daily reality.

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