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Of blogging and new year and christmas and me December 23, 2009

Posted by habeshaviews in My Days, My Friends, My life.

20 minutes later than am supposed to get off work , am still at the office. This should tell you how much I need to get a life. I just remembered I haven’t been blogging in a long time. ‘Ve Been travelling for more than a month now and just got back in town this week. Went down east, south and a number of other places. I have met and talked to so many people. I have seen how people put up with life and how they are appreciative of the little they have. Sometimes it drives me crazy how they put up with so much nonsense or how it doesn’t occur to them to do things in a different way.  I’ve seen simple ideas turning big and helping better lives.

Before I forget , long live whoever come up with extension health workers in rural Ethiopia. I don’t care what the side hurdles are, What they do is amazing! 

I know I complain too much but there are things am grateful about. As I look back , the year seems full of blessings. Somethings went the way I want them others haven’t. I guess that’s what makes life interesting, or so I tell myself. I like the person I have come to be. I am grateful to the loving people around me. I know I don’t say it often but I love you and am greatful to have you around.




1. ankami - December 28, 2009

Happy Holludays and Tkanks a lot

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