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My Apology February 22, 2010

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Excerpts from the poem “My Apology”  by Yoeh Esapebong

 Here’s my apology…
For all the things I didn’t do when I had to
For all the places I didn’t go to that I had planned to
For all the wrong choices I made that I could have avoided
For all the times that I remained undecided

Here’s my apology…

For the things I heard that I now regret
For the things I saw that I can’t forget
For the chances I missed coz I didn’t speak out
For the times when I spoke up a little too loud

Here’s my apology

For the relationships that were blown away
For the relationships that didn’t see the light of day
For the acquaintances that didn’t last
For the friends who are now a part of the past

Here’s my apology…

For the times I was loved but didn’t love back
For the times I loved and wasn’t loved back
For the times I wasn’t woman enough
For the times I wasn’t friend enough

Here’s my apology…

For the trespasses I didn’t forgive
For the blessings I didn’t receive
For the prophecies I didn’t believe
For the signs I didn’t perceive

Here’s my apology…

For the times when I wasn’t always there
For the times it seemed like I didn’t care
For the things I did that caused the pain
For the moments I didn’t take time to explain

Here’s my apology…

To a family that has always been there
To the family that never dared to care
To the ones who’ve given more than I deserve
To the ones who’ve taken more than they deserve

Here’s my apology…..



Of Harar , Fruits and Valentines February 17, 2010

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Eshi …another round of travel ..this time went to the ancient city of Harar. And by that they meant ancient in every sense of the term. Its as if at some point someone said  ” I think we are taking this development thing too fast ”  and then they decided to hold on for a few centuries.

Battles between ethnicities, cultures and religons are visible even in archtectures around the city. Its just amazing  to me how and why a whole town decided to have its own compound.

I ate fruits I had never tested before. Big and delicious. I went and saw the famous wall/gates of harar and the hayna feeding people. To be honest , I found nothing amazing about hayna feeding….best thing out of it is the guy making 50 bucks in 15 minutes.

Valentine’s Day was upon us on Sunday. I thought I managed to escape the scenes in Addis. In harar the lunch tables at the restaurant we frequented had red plastic flowers on each table. Just for the record, being alone  sucks this time of the year!

I looked at the list I made a few weeks back of the list of things I might have killed for, I seem to be falling in the same pattern. Courtesy of  my constant failure to make decisions. I finally managed to take a few days off of work , got a new cell and still  trying not to make a big deal out of  getting sick everynow and then.

Crackin’ up -this week February 4, 2010

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– How Milli tells stories about his dreams  of a  vegetarian vampire.

– Rafa’s idea of dropping in the strange ” do you like snail fish ?” line in the middle of an amharic conversation. I think it would be a killer with a stewie british accent.

– Annoying my little sister with ” Hello , I am Dr. Kilso…”  line from Scrubs.

– My Dad’s description of the bride from last weekend wedding ” I don’t think she went to the hair dressers and I am sure they haven’t washed that gown”