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Out and about Arba Minchi April 7, 2010

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Eshi long time no hear. Nothing new here. Just life happening. Nature making sure I have minimum control over it. lots of travels , friends and family coming and going , hook ups , break ups , laughters and tears. Not to mention the holy days helping me look busy

Here is a list of places to go to while in Arba minch, another town further down southern Ethiopia. Ever green , warm and full of my favourite Jacarandas. Its a hub for tourists either coming down to see the Nech Sar Park or the crocodile ranch or heading to Jinka to have a taste of the Hamar culture.

In Arba Minch :

Get a booking at Tourist Hotel or Paradise lodge. I love Tourist for its proximity to town. It’s nice food, coffee , neat rooms. Paradise is situated in front of  lake abaya and Chamo. Beautiful scenery looking down the forest hosting the 40 streams which btw the town has gotten its name from. Great food as well nice tukul rooms.Not that expensive either : breakfast included you can get a room for 250 ETH.


Nech Sar Park : totally worth visiting. I have not been able to drive through , unfortunately. But ,had hiked inside the forest with 40 streams. It’s simply beautiful. 

New York :- No, not my New York. There is a New York in Konso, two hours drive from Arba Minch. It’s basically an amazing land scape looking like the concrete jungles of New York. Erosion did us the favour. Now the regional gov’t uses it as one of the tourist attractions. In fact, the five of us paid sth like 210 ETH to see the site. 

New York in Konso

Strawberry Lodge :- This is basically an eco lodge trying to introduce permaculture to konso. absolutely , great food and neat rooms. Usually gets volunteers from all over the world. 

In Arba minch , I always try to stick to fish diet. Ask for fried fish with a real hot local spice called data

There is just a lot to see. I haven’t said anything about the corocodile ranch , the culture and the unique historical sites.