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What we want to be over with May 20, 2010

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Who do we hate  ? 


What do we want to be over with ?-


Who are we ?

                 Next Person you see in the Crowd

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Greatest Story ever Sold May 11, 2010

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Been reading this great book by Frank Rich courtsey of a cool friend, Alula. Book talks about how media got manipulated into rationalizing the war in Iraq. At first I thought it was one of those Bush bashing books but it’s much more than that. As the writer puts it,

 “It is a critical retracing of the sophisticated  steps by which some cleaver people in the white House , handed an opportunity and a mandate by the shocking events of 9/11,unfurled a brilliantly  produced  scenario to accomplish a variety of ends, the most unambiguous of  which was to amass power and hold on to it. ”

The book provides great details into the what and when abouts of  media stories that built up to the Iraq invasion.

It is beautifully written by the New York Times theatre critic, Frank Rich . Check it out.