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Vacationing:- fun and laugh and cry August 24, 2010

Posted by habeshaviews in My Days, My life, Travel.

If there is anything this blog has proven so far, it’s that RAMBLING PAYS OFF:)

After months of whining, I finally went on a vacation. Very great and I might say, very well deserved.

Where – to NYC, the beautiful. Was great to be back in the middle of chaos and enjoyed every minute of it.

 Spent most of the time in DC and Virginia as well- visited friends, swum like a fish, read like a geek , went out like a freak, ate junk food like crazy.

 So This Summer ,

 What are the new books ? 

“It could be worse , you could be me “- a great read that made me want to write again. Most part of the memoir by Ariel Leve feels like taken from my own diary, I mean if I had one.

 “Emma’s war”  – gives detailed background on the war in Sudan . A Little bit exaggerated but great read.

 What’s the new word

“Exme me “

 -an attempt to say “Excuse me” by none other than my cute adopted nephew , Sofoniyas (or in his own words ‘ fofoniyas )

What is best pick up line

” Sorry to bother you mam but you look like someone I should know”

What’s Sucking

Ethiopian immigration has achieved new higher level of sucking this summer. The immigration officers were standing by the aircraft gate to check passports on arrival. Time to get the ‘genius’ something to do.

What’s Disappointing  

Not seeing Dan

Not being able to get the new job

What’s Good

To be back , always!



1. mode20100 - August 25, 2010

A+ would read again

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