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Learning Progress IV September 1, 2010

Posted by habeshaviews in My Days, Travel.

We met at a conference. We were both speakers.  That led to a later conversation. He is an ex- minister from one of the regimes. Very charistmatic and almost made me feel proud I was at the same panel with him.   He is telling me that now he works at a project that helps communities to diversify dietary. Basically, educating people that they should plant different fruits and vegetables so that they have more options..etc. He seems to know a lot about what he is talking about.

So my rude sounding (or almost ignorant) question. It has been puzzling me for a while now:

” How come communities in this country did not know about this simple things themselves? How come a person go hungry while there are bananas growing everywhere? What kind of civilization does not teach its children to wash their hands before meals? How come people don’t see there is something wrong with the way things are? “

 His answer:

  “Of course, they did realize that there is a lot they needed to learn. That’s why they worked very hard on their farms and made sure that their children went to school. They were hoping that once the children learn the new ways things will get much better.  But, what happened was the children went to school and never looked back”



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