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Steps November 25, 2010

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Massive travel plans a head. You know the kind you could describe as “doomsday scale.”    Some might even take it as a big step. 

I have gotten the calls and the looks and     tones telling me “I must be out of my freakin’ mind.”

Am I scared ? Of course ! too many unknowns and may bes and  uncertainties….

Am I a risk taker? You have no idea!

Am  I a quitter? Never !

I am just a knower (is there such a word?) when it’s enough and time to move on. And that’s exactly what I am doing, moving on. So much as I drag on decisions, ones I made them I never look back.

Had a chance to make a tiny bit of difference in people’s lives. I know changes are on a micro, nano , petite, tiny scale but still most annoying steps were worth it. Others, I just did it to prove you wrong.   

Had a chance to spend time with very very cool ppl. And, very very uncool people , you know the type it should be legal to punch every now and then? 

As I do my final inland travel , thanks for all the cool people I have come to know. I know my path will cross again with most of you.


How to read the air November 8, 2010

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Another great book from Dinaw Mengistu.  ‘How to read the air ‘  is a novel that narrates the experiences of an Ethiopian family living in the US.  I feel the book is able to link what Dinaw’s first book,  ‘ The beautiful things that heaves bears ‘, failed to do.  It links up first and second generation Ethiopian migrants and their experiences. I love and love Dinaw’s detailed accounts and humorous expressions.

Here is a new york times critique about the book which I kind of agree with :

“….At times Mengestu doesn’t seem to trust his reader to get his point, while the momentum of poetic prose, of a well-turned phrase or astute observation, often continues two clicks too long, detracting from the narrative’s velocity.”

Thanks Dan for being so cool and sending this