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How to read the air November 8, 2010

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Another great book from Dinaw Mengistu.  ‘How to read the air ‘  is a novel that narrates the experiences of an Ethiopian family living in the US.  I feel the book is able to link what Dinaw’s first book,  ‘ The beautiful things that heaves bears ‘, failed to do.  It links up first and second generation Ethiopian migrants and their experiences. I love and love Dinaw’s detailed accounts and humorous expressions.

Here is a new york times critique about the book which I kind of agree with :

“….At times Mengestu doesn’t seem to trust his reader to get his point, while the momentum of poetic prose, of a well-turned phrase or astute observation, often continues two clicks too long, detracting from the narrative’s velocity.”

Thanks Dan for being so cool and sending this


Best read this year October 18, 2010

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So far anyways. I recommended this book a while back. But the more I think about it , the more I feel saying so little is a disservice. I feel Ariel Leve’s Memoir needs to have a separate posting. Its one of the most interesting reads I have come across this year.Yeah , better than the ” Black Swan”.  May be because the only thing I have read afterwards is Charles Darwin’s Biography :). Anyhow,  Ariel writes about her everyday encounters and frustrations. I share most of them except for her constant worrying.

Here is an excerpt.

“Mostly, I’m looking forward to turning ninety. Here’s why. All the moments I ‘ve had to seize will be behind me. The pressure to have taken advantage of new opportunities will be off and just getting through the day will be considered an achievement. I ‘ll have the same outlook I have now-but no-one will mind. And when someone asks me, ” what’s up?” I can reply ,’ Dinner.'”

 ” It could be worse , You could be me” should make your list.

“Sign Language ” September 21, 2010

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“Silence speaks volumes”-   My favorites of Fisseha Moges