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Steps November 25, 2010

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Massive travel plans a head. You know the kind you could describe as “doomsday scale.”    Some might even take it as a big step. 

I have gotten the calls and the looks and     tones telling me “I must be out of my freakin’ mind.”

Am I scared ? Of course ! too many unknowns and may bes and  uncertainties….

Am I a risk taker? You have no idea!

Am  I a quitter? Never !

I am just a knower (is there such a word?) when it’s enough and time to move on. And that’s exactly what I am doing, moving on. So much as I drag on decisions, ones I made them I never look back.

Had a chance to make a tiny bit of difference in people’s lives. I know changes are on a micro, nano , petite, tiny scale but still most annoying steps were worth it. Others, I just did it to prove you wrong.   

Had a chance to spend time with very very cool ppl. And, very very uncool people , you know the type it should be legal to punch every now and then? 

As I do my final inland travel , thanks for all the cool people I have come to know. I know my path will cross again with most of you.


Vacationing:- fun and laugh and cry August 24, 2010

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If there is anything this blog has proven so far, it’s that RAMBLING PAYS OFF:)

After months of whining, I finally went on a vacation. Very great and I might say, very well deserved.

Where – to NYC, the beautiful. Was great to be back in the middle of chaos and enjoyed every minute of it.

 Spent most of the time in DC and Virginia as well- visited friends, swum like a fish, read like a geek , went out like a freak, ate junk food like crazy.

 So This Summer ,

 What are the new books ? 

“It could be worse , you could be me “- a great read that made me want to write again. Most part of the memoir by Ariel Leve feels like taken from my own diary, I mean if I had one.

 “Emma’s war”  – gives detailed background on the war in Sudan . A Little bit exaggerated but great read.

 What’s the new word

“Exme me “

 -an attempt to say “Excuse me” by none other than my cute adopted nephew , Sofoniyas (or in his own words ‘ fofoniyas )

What is best pick up line

” Sorry to bother you mam but you look like someone I should know”

What’s Sucking

Ethiopian immigration has achieved new higher level of sucking this summer. The immigration officers were standing by the aircraft gate to check passports on arrival. Time to get the ‘genius’ something to do.

What’s Disappointing  

Not seeing Dan

Not being able to get the new job

What’s Good

To be back , always!

My Apology February 22, 2010

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Excerpts from the poem “My Apology”  by Yoeh Esapebong

 Here’s my apology…
For all the things I didn’t do when I had to
For all the places I didn’t go to that I had planned to
For all the wrong choices I made that I could have avoided
For all the times that I remained undecided

Here’s my apology…

For the things I heard that I now regret
For the things I saw that I can’t forget
For the chances I missed coz I didn’t speak out
For the times when I spoke up a little too loud

Here’s my apology

For the relationships that were blown away
For the relationships that didn’t see the light of day
For the acquaintances that didn’t last
For the friends who are now a part of the past

Here’s my apology…

For the times I was loved but didn’t love back
For the times I loved and wasn’t loved back
For the times I wasn’t woman enough
For the times I wasn’t friend enough

Here’s my apology…

For the trespasses I didn’t forgive
For the blessings I didn’t receive
For the prophecies I didn’t believe
For the signs I didn’t perceive

Here’s my apology…

For the times when I wasn’t always there
For the times it seemed like I didn’t care
For the things I did that caused the pain
For the moments I didn’t take time to explain

Here’s my apology…

To a family that has always been there
To the family that never dared to care
To the ones who’ve given more than I deserve
To the ones who’ve taken more than they deserve

Here’s my apology…..