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Steps November 25, 2010

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Massive travel plans a head. You know the kind you could describe as “doomsday scale.”    Some might even take it as a big step. 

I have gotten the calls and the looks and     tones telling me “I must be out of my freakin’ mind.”

Am I scared ? Of course ! too many unknowns and may bes and  uncertainties….

Am I a risk taker? You have no idea!

Am  I a quitter? Never !

I am just a knower (is there such a word?) when it’s enough and time to move on. And that’s exactly what I am doing, moving on. So much as I drag on decisions, ones I made them I never look back.

Had a chance to make a tiny bit of difference in people’s lives. I know changes are on a micro, nano , petite, tiny scale but still most annoying steps were worth it. Others, I just did it to prove you wrong.   

Had a chance to spend time with very very cool ppl. And, very very uncool people , you know the type it should be legal to punch every now and then? 

As I do my final inland travel , thanks for all the cool people I have come to know. I know my path will cross again with most of you.


Ha Hu Hi … March 24, 2008

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The Beginning

I started this blog today on 24th of March 2008. Basically it was born out of a lot of crazy thoughts in my mind that needed to be expressed in some way or I would have exploded. Of course, an afternoon of boredom too.

The Naming

The Reason it’s called habeshaviews has nothing special to it. It’ just the usual Ethiopian obsession of relating everything to where I come from. What’s more, I couldn’t come up with a better name. Either ways dabo sayiqores I have given it the name .

What will you be reading here?

My views on everything; be it politika ,my days,my friends, relationship stories ,travel stories,advices ,jokes and a lot of spelling errors as well. I have been told I am really good at that ,you will be the judge of it.

Is there anything different here ?

Probably yeah ,depends on what you are looking for. Its going to be one crazy ride with me.No limits to expressing yourself. I respect all views and opinions as long as they are forwarded with the same note of respect for others. I know ,It can also be the same old shit.So let’s see.

Where is it from ?

Almost everywhere,I travel a lot so it will be blogged from where ever life takes me. Currently ,from Central America in Costa Rica. Si tienes razon,Costa Rica! ,One of the most beautiful places on earth.

I see my self in Asia after a while so it will continue from there.

Welcome and let’s talk

Habesha Views