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Rambling and nonsense January 29, 2010

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I think this might be the second time I am writing about this. I suck at making decisions,especially, those that has to do with my personal life.  Not so much at the professional level. Because at the office almost everything has guidelines and rules .I am in fact a “do this -do that”  type of person  If the worst comes and I can not decide  , I will take it to the next person. It’s different when I am the one making the decisions and deal with the consequences. I always wonder If I would regret it later.  Funny enough , whenever I have to make important decisions ,I get stuck with three or four options. Makes it harder. I usually rather have time take a pick of one of the options. I wait and wait and wait. I know am rambling today. Believe me at some level this post makes a total sense to me.


Religon and Haiti January 21, 2010

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… and all I hear is voodoo …bla bla bla …voodoo …God ..earthquake … ..bla bla bla ….homosexuality ..God ..earth quake …bla bla bla ….unfortunately , I can not say here what I want to say to these people. It would come out as @$#$%^&%

Instead, I thought I would share a video. A lecture by Wade Davis , a national geography anthropologist and explorer. He talks about different ways of being :

Things I could kill for Right now -in no particular order January 15, 2010

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