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Hilarious in a Nazi way November 29, 2008

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As I said before Sarah Palin will remain a mystery to my mind. Like the beginning of the world or the human mind or you know one of those things you never meant to understand. I know a lot has been said about this thanksgiving interview of Mrs. Palin. I watched it late and couldn’t stop laughing. The whole thing is cruel but at the same time hilarious. Just look at the guy who is slaughtering the Turkey in the background and the legs of the poor turkey. Its as if its saying ” Would you just kill me and get it over with”. I just can’t stop laughing with the whole thing.


Leaving NYC November 25, 2008

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Left chilli New York feeling like the only person left in the world ,sad, half hearted and asking myself why I haven’t stayed there.


How DUMB is that ? November 20, 2008

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Why would you wanna say something so stupid about the most popular guy in the planet ? 

I think by calling  Obama a “house nigger” Al Qaeda failed to see the impact this will have on the little sympathy their “cause” might have among the public. It reminds me of what Iranian-American comedian Maz Jobrani said about a similar thing in Iran.

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